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    Where is the foramen magnum located?


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    in anatomy, foramen magnum or Foramen magnum is the massive opening by means of the occiput localized in the course of the posterior fossa of the neurocranium. IT IS the biggest of the cranial foramina and connects the cranial cavity with the spinal canal.

    Which buildings does the foramen magnum go by means of?

    What goes by means of: glossopharyngeal nerve (IX), vagus nerve (X), accent nerve (XI), and inside jugular vein. Nervus glossopharyngeus: combined nerve. Obvious origin of the mind: post-olivar sulcus. Obvious cranial origin: jugular foramen.

    What’s the perform of the foramen?

    Foramen or foramen (from Latin foramen, ĭnis: ‘opening, exit, door’) is, in anatomy, any opening for the passage of muscular tissues, vessels, arteries, veins and different buildings by means of bones or between ligaments, permitting the connection of 1 physique half to the opposite.

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    Who passes by means of the jugular foramen?

    The jugular foramen is a gap on the base of the cranium that enables the passage of the glossopharyngeal, vagus, and accent cranial nerves within the anterior portion, and the inner jugular vein, the principle blood drainage pathway, within the posterior portion of the mind.

    What construction runs by means of the foramen lacerum?

    Solely the inner carotid artery runs by means of the torn foramen.


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    What occurs by means of the stylomastoid foramen?

    The stylomastoid foramen is a foramen within the temporal bone between the styloid course of and the mastoid course of by means of which the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) runs.

    What goes by means of the vortex gap?

    intervertebral gap

    Anatomical construction by means of which nerve roots and blood vessels exit. It is a type of “tunnel” that the spinal nerve runs by means of.

    Which nerve is accountable for the motor innervation of the tongue?

    The N. hypoglossus, represented by the XII. Cranial nerve, has somatic, motor and principally efferent properties and is of nice significance in elementary processes in human life, corresponding to communication and vitamin, since it’s accountable for the innervation of the muscular tissues that management the tongue.

    What goes by means of the hypoglossal canal?

    The final pair of skulls, the XII pair, is the hypoglossal nerve. It’s a motor nerve that arises within the mind by means of the anterior lateral sulcus of the medulla and exits into the cranium by means of the hypoglossal canal. After passing by means of the canal, it migrates to the angle of the decrease jaw after which strikes ahead beneath the tongue to carry out its perform.

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    What’s glossopharynx?

    The glossopharyngeal nerve, additionally known as cranial nerve IX, is a combined nerve that has each motor and sensory features. As well as, it has parasympathetic features that we are going to see later.

    What’s a foramen anatomy?

    The time period foramen comes from the Latin phrase for “gap”. Basically all cranial foramina are holes. They’re passageways by means of the bones of the cranium that permit varied buildings of the nervous and circulatory methods to enter and exit the cranium.

    What’s the mandibular foramen used for?

    The mandibular foramen is a gap within the mandibular canal. The foramen is the doorway to the canal by means of which the vessels and inferior alveolar nerve go earlier than coming into the mandibular canal.

    What are vertebral holes?

    The area between the physique and the vertebral arch accommodates the spinal wire, known as the vertebral foramen. The foramina of all vertebrae current within the spinal column kind the spinal canal.

    What are the principle features of the cranium?

    Amongst different issues, the cranium has the perform of defending the mind and guaranteeing chewing, for the reason that decrease jaw is current. We will divide the bones that make up the cranium into two teams: facial and cranial bones.

    What does the lingual nerve innervate?

    The second department is the lingual nerve, which innervates the tongue, ground of the mouth, and submandibular and sublingual glands with sensory fibers from the trigeminal nerve and parasympathetic fibers from the notochord of the facial nerve (CN VII).

    Which cranial nerve is accountable for tongue motion?

    The human physique has twelve pairs of cranial nerves. One among these twelve nerves, the hypoglossal nerve, is carefully linked to the oral cavity. Also referred to as the twelfth cranial nerve, this nerve controls the tongue muscular tissues and is due to this fact essential to dentists, docs and sufferers alike.

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    What’s the largest foramen within the human physique?

    foramen magnum. foramen magnum. The most important foramen within the human physique is the obturator foramen, positioned on the junction of the pelvic bones (ileum, ischium, and pubis).

    What buildings go by means of the higher orbital fissure?

    Within the superior exterior angle is the superior orbital cleft (typically known as the sphenoid cleft), which connects the orbit to the center cranial fossa and gives passage for many orbital vascular nerve parts (nerves III, IV, V, and VI, the sympathetic root of the ciliary ganglion, and the attention veins).

    What occurs by means of the sphenopalatine foramen?

    The posterior and superior nasal nerves and sphenopalatine artery additionally go by means of the sphenopalatine foramen (gap) to enter the nasal cavity. The posterior and superior alveolar nerves go by means of the pterygomandibular fissure, which continues into the infratemporal fossa.

    What occurs within the optical channel?

    Bony canal within the inferior wing of the sphenoid bone the place the optic nerve, ocular artery and sympathetic nerves go.

    What does the phrase foramen imply?

    [ Anatomia ] A gap or opening in a bone or anatomical construction (eg, apical foramen of a tooth; intervertebral foramen).

    What number of holes does the cranium have?

    Within the basisphenoidal a part of the sphenoid bone, the wing (rostral and caudal), oval, spinous course of and exterior carotid foramen had been noticed. The retroarticular (squamous half) and stylomastoid (petroleum and eardrum half) foramina had been discovered within the temporal bone.

    What form is the vortex gap?

    The vertebral gap is a triangular form inside the arch, bigger than the thoracic vertebrae however smaller than the cervical vertebrae. The superior and inferior articular processes are nicely outlined and mission upward and downward from the junctions of the pedicles and laminae, respectively.

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