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    What is the US island country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean South Dakota B Virginia C Malawi d Hawaii and North Dakota?


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    O situation from Hawaii is an archipelago in Pacific Central.

    Which island nation is in the midst of the Pacific Ocean?

    Guam has the standing of an unincorporated territory of the US, as does Puerto Rico. Its 162,000 residents, 40% of whom are indigenous Chamorro, are US residents, however with restricted rights.

    What’s an island area?

    These are areas fashioned by teams of islands (i.e. archipelagos) that may be categorized in keeping with three standards: Origin: synthetic or pure. Location: oceanic (away from the coast) and continental (they had been as soon as related to the continent and are nonetheless close to the coast or on the continental shelf).

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    What are the island territories of the US?

    These are Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

    What number of US states are there?

    With its continental proportions, there are precisely 50 states in the US plus the Federal District of Columbia.

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    What are the 50 US states and their capitals?

    States and capitals of the US

    • Alabama (Montgomery)
    • Alaska (Juneau)
    • Arkansas (Little Rock)
    • Arizona (Phoenix)
    • California (Sacramento)
    • North Carolina (Raleigh)
    • South Carolina (Colombia)
    • Colorado (Denver)

    What’s the relationship between territory and energy?

    Based on him, territory is an space by which a gaggle workout routines energy. The border represents the restrict of this energy.

    What varieties of areas are there?

    It’s a demarcated, demarcated, established space. Brazil has been divided into 5 essential areas, which had been created contemplating the pure and financial traits prevalent in every essential space, particularly North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South.

    How can we outline what a area is?

    Area is an space of ​​the earth’s floor that has pure (geomorphology, vegetation, local weather, amongst different issues current in a pure area) and human (amongst different cultural, financial, political and social) traits that distinguish it from different areas, configuration of a relative unit or inside identification…

    Why is Japan an island nation?

    Solutions. An island nation is an impartial state whose territory consists of an island or a gaggle of islands. The Japanese archipelago that makes up Japan is made up of many a whole bunch of islands, the 4 essential of that are Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Hokkaido.

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    Which international locations border the Pacific Ocean?

    The international locations washed by the Pacific Ocean are: Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Bolivia and Paraguay are the one international locations in South America that aren’t washed by oceans.

    The place is the Pacific Ocean?

    The Pacific Ocean lies between the west coasts of America, Asia and Oceania.

    What are the international locations within the Pacific Ocean?

    It bathes a number of international locations on this planet, notably Australia, Canada, the US, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong and French Polynesia.

    What are the 6 areas of Brazil?

    Map with areas of Brazil.

    • Area North. …
    • Area Northeast. …
    • Center West. …
    • Southeast area. …
    • Area South.

    What number of and which areas are there in Brazil?

    With a view to higher perceive, examine, and govern our huge nation, the territory has been divided into 5 main areas: North, Northeast, South, Southeast, and Midwest. Brazil is a federative republic politically and administratively organized into states, municipalities and districts.

    What areas are there in Brazil?

    Brazil is split into 5 essential areas (North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South).

    What’s the relationship between territory and politics?

    It emphasizes that the relationships between public coverage (and motion) and territory enable for reflections and theorization on the geographical approaches to the topic in query, because it assumes that the execution of public insurance policies has reflexes and spatial-territorial conflicts which can be on the core of are administration of…

    What sort of energy controls a territory?

    The state is the official establishment that administers the territory of a rustic whereas the state is likely one of the elements of the nation identical to a province. The state, with a capital “E”, is fashioned by the union of three powers from completely different branches: the chief, the legislative and the judiciary.

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    What’s energy in geography?

    The class of energy measures the institutional and social relationships of the state and its organizations given the make-up of the state and territory, and reveals how the intentions, indicators and symbols of energy are linked to type its power in a given house, a take a look at it to type fortresses…

    What are the US state abbreviations?


    • AK: Alaska.
    • AL: Alabama.
    • AR: Arkansas.
    • AZ: Arizona.
    • CA: California.
    • CO: Colorado.
    • CT: Connecticut.
    • FROM: Delaware.

    Which US state has essentially the most Brazilians?

    If we take a look at the state distribution of the Brazilian group within the US, Florida is concentrated at 22%. Second with the biggest Brazilian group within the US is Massachusetts with 17%, adopted by California with 10%, New Jersey with 7% and New York with 6%.

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