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    How do you say woman in Guarani?

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    KUÑA means “girl” in Guarani.

    How do you say stunning girl in Guarani?

    Hapõ oreko heta táva porã.

    How do you say sturdy girl in Guarani?

    Liliana Colanzi on Twitter: “The right translation of “sturdy girl” in Bolivian Guaraní is “kuña jeïa vae”, in response to the Guaraní of Santa Cruz @ecaurey.” / Twitter.

    What does the phrase kuna imply?

    Adjective. Native American nation or ethnic group residing in areas of Panama and Northwestern Colombia, notably within the Guna Yala (previously San Blas) area.

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    Like that woman in Guarani?

    Nde piko kuñakarai?.

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    How do you say woman in Paraguay?

    In actual fact, it is quite common to listen to a Paraguayan communicate and say “che senora” or “che patron” as a result of in Guarani it means you. The Guarani syllabary “Che” is broadly utilized in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and some different locations.

    How do you say Ladies’s Day in Guarani?

    Ára 8 jasyapy jave ojegueromandu’a Kuña Yvoragua Ára.

    What does Kuña Porã imply in Guarani?

    kuña porã, translation into Spanish, stunning girl | Globe.

    What does stunning kuna imply?

    KUÑA means “girl” in Guarani. The phrase GUAPA in Paraguayan Spanish jopara isn’t utilized in the identical sense as Spanish Spanish, it has nothing to do with being cute or fairly, however with the flexibility to “do many issues nicely”.

    What’s nativity scene in Guarani?

    Three years in the past, UN Ladies launched the Wedge Mission, which suggests “girl” within the Guarani language, along with the Paraguayan NGOs BASE-IS and Sobrevivencia and the Brazilian IBISS-CO.

    How do you say love in Guarani?

    Rohayhu or “rojaijú” is a Guarani language time period used to explain a deep feeling of affection and/or affection for one more individual. Love, like language, transcends borders.

    How do you say fairly in Guarani?

    juky is the Guarani language and has two meanings… juky means = fairly and iodized salt.

    How do you say stunning in Guarani?

    Juky – Fairly As an adjective, it means good, cheerful.

    How do you say my princess in Guarani?

    * Ohechagaʼueterei anga pe “Prinsésa” ohayhuetévape.

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    Who wrote Kuña guapa?

    performs. Clementito Ocampos left songs like: “Kuña Guapa” with music by Francisco F. Larrosa as a legacy of his homeland and to all who really feel the favored style.

    What does Porá imply in Guarani?

    The phrase “porá” in Guaraní from Corrientes or “porã” in Guaraní from Paraguay means «fairly, fairly, stunning, good».

    The right way to say I like you in Guarani?

    che pyʼaite guive rohayhu. Loving You! Rohayhu!

    What does Añamembuy porâ imply?

    Añamemby is probably the strongest and harshest curse discovered within the Guarani language. As is the case with expressions of this sort in all languages, it turned a standard interjection and was stated with out listening to its literal which means.

    How do you say pleased day in Guarani?

    Vyʼapavẽ Guarani Ñe’ẽ Árare – Comfortable Guarani Language Day

    How do you say pleased in Guarani?

    ‘Javyʼave ñameʼẽrõ, ñandéve oñemeʼẽ vary.

    What are the greetings in Guarani?

    Maitei – greet, greet.

    When do you name a girl a girl?

    In response to the RAE dictionary, the time period “woman” is used for married or widowed ladies and “miss” for single ladies.

    When do you name a girl woman?

    Girl: In response to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), it’s used for girls who’re married or widowed. As well as, it’s a time period of courtesy to handle an individual whose title is unknown or needs to not be named, and likewise a time period of respect to handle an individual superior in age, dignity, or place.

    How do you say my spouse in Guarani?

    -tembireko (spouse)… – Curiosities of the Guarani language | Fb.

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    How do you say love in Guarani?

    “Neakãvaínteramo hína, neprovlemaʼimi ha rejedehaséma.

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