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Fishing with Hot Dogs: the Weirdest Way to Catch Fish?

Fishing with Hot Dogs

Fishing with hot dogs would possibly sound unusual, however some folks swear by it as one of the best ways to catch fish. Sizzling canine are stated to be particularly efficient for catching catfish. Many individuals imagine that the robust odor of scorching canine attracts fish and causes them to chunk. Some fishermen even add additional seasoning to their scorching canine to make them much more interesting to fish.


For those who’re searching for a bizarre and enjoyable technique to catch fish, attempt fishing with hot dogs! That is proper, scorching canine. This technique of fishing is claimed to be particularly efficient for catching catfish. All you want is a few scorching canine, a fishing rod, and a few bait.

Merely connect a scorching canine to your hook and solid your line into the water. You should use any sort of scorching canine, however beef scorching canine appear to work finest. The odor of the meat attracts the fish and earlier than it, you may have a chunk.

So, in the event you’re feeling adventurous the following time you go fishing, attempt utilizing scorching canine as bait. It is certain to be a memorable expertise!

Do Fish Actually Like Sizzling Canine

You is likely to be questioning, do fish actually like scorching canine? The reply is sure, they positively do! In reality, scorching canine are such a well-liked alternative amongst fishermen that they are usually used as event bait.

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So why do fish like scorching canine a lot? Nicely, it could possibly be as a result of they’re full of protein and fats, that are each important vitamins for fish. Or it could possibly be the robust odor that draws them from afar.

Regardless of the purpose could also be, there is no denying that scorching canine are top-of-the-line baits you should utilize if you wish to assure a great catch.

Greatest Sizzling Canine for Fishing

hot dog for fish bait
scorching canine for fish bait

Sizzling canine are a well-liked meals to tackle fishing journeys, however do you know that they can be used to catch fish? That is proper, scorching canine make nice bait for fishing. Listed here are a few of the finest scorching canine for fishing:

Hebrew Nationwide Sizzling Canine: These scorching canine are made with 100% beef and no fillers, so that they’re good and meaty. They’re additionally extra-long, so you may reduce them into smaller items to make use of as bait.

Nathan’s Well-known Sizzling Canine: One other good choice for beefy scorching canine is Nathan’s Well-known. These scorching canine are additionally made with 100% beef and are good and plump.

Applegate Naturals Sizzling Canine: For those who’re searching for a extra pure choice, Applegate Naturals scorching canine are made with 100% grass-fed beef.

The way to Rig and Fish With a Sizzling Canine

To rig a scorching canine, thread it onto the hook in order that the purpose of the hook is poking out of 1 finish of the new canine. For finest outcomes, use a pointy hook and contemporary scorching canine. When fishing with scorching canine, search for areas the place fish are feeding actively. Solid your line into the water and let the new canine sink to the underside. Reel in slowly, pausing now and again to provide the fish time to chunk. Be ready to set the hook shortly while you really feel a chunk. Sizzling canine are an particularly good bait for catching catfish.

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Do Saltwater Fish Like Sizzling Canine

You may positively go fishing with scorching canine in salt water and be very profitable. I’ve used scorching canine as bait for years, and have caught every thing from flounder to sharks. The hot button is to chop the new canine into small items in order that they match on the hook simply. You too can use just a little little bit of ketchup or mustard to assist maintain the bait on the hook.

Can You Ice Fish With Sizzling Canine

Whenever you consider ice fishing, you usually do not consider utilizing scorching canine as bait. Nevertheless, scorching canine generally is a good choice for bait in the event you’re seeking to catch fish.

Sizzling canine are a great choice for bait as a result of they’re small and straightforward to deal with. Plus, they’re low cost and straightforward to search out. For those who’re seeking to catch fish, scorching canine generally is a good choice for bait.


In conclusion, fishing with scorching canine generally is a enjoyable and straightforward technique to get your children serious about fishing. It’s also a good way to bond together with your children and create lasting recollections. So, seize some scorching canine and head to your nearest physique of water for a enjoyable day of fishing with the household.


What are you able to catch with scorching canine?

With just a little creativity, scorching canine can be utilized to catch all types of issues. Listed here are a couple of concepts:

  • Fish: imagine it or not, fish love scorching canine! Simply reduce up a scorching canine into small items and use it as bait. You’ll remember to catch one thing very quickly.
  • Bugs: in the event you’re searching for a simple technique to catch bugs, scorching canine are your reply. Merely put a bit of string by way of a scorching canine and tie it to a tree or different object.
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What’s the perfect home made catfish bait?

For those who’re after huge catfish, then utilizing reside bait is at all times going to be the best choice. One thing like a reside minnow or a crawfish will work nicely. For those who’re making an attempt to catch smaller catfish, then one thing like hen liver and even scorching canine might be good choices.

The vital factor is to experiment and see what works finest in your explicit scenario. There’s nobody excellent reply for all conditions, so it’s vital to check out totally different baits and see what the fish are biting on.

Can you utilize cooked scorching canine for catfish bait?

Cooked scorching canine can truly be used as catfish bait. It is because the odor of the cooked scorching canine will entice the catfish. Plus, the new canine shall be simpler to maintain on the hook since they will not collapse as simply as uncooked scorching canine would.

So, in the event you’re searching for a approach to make use of up these leftover scorching canine, think about using them as catfish bait!

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