Review is a website that provides a platform for users to create their own custom language model using the GPT architecture. This platform allows users to train their own GPT model by inputting their own data and fine-tuning various hyperparameters.

The website provides a user-friendly interface for creating a custom language model, which includes selecting the dataset, defining the model’s architecture, and specifying the training settings.

Users can also choose to use one of the pre-trained models provided by the website as a starting point for their custom model.

Once the user has trained their custom model, they can download it and integrate it into their own projects or use it to generate text. also provides an API for users to access their trained model, which can be used to generate text programmatically.

Customgpt AI Overview

customgpt ai

In addition to the platform for creating custom language models, also offers a marketplace where users can buy and sell pre-trained language models.

This marketplace allows users to browse and purchase models that have already been trained on specific tasks, such as text summarization or language translation.

Overall, provides a powerful tool for users who want to create their own custom language models and for those who want to access pre-trained models for specific tasks.

The platform is user-friendly and offers a range of options for customizing and fine-tuning models.

Customgpt AI Features

CustomGPT offers a range of advanced features that unlock the power of AI for users. Powered by OpenAI, users can build their own custom language model based on their own content in just minutes.

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The platform offers an easy setup process, with an AI that can learn a user’s content in just a few minutes. CustomGPT also provides seamless sitemap integration, allowing users to quickly ingest their content with an easy setup guarantee.

With continuous indexing, CustomGPT continuously updates a user’s content, even indexing yesterday’s blog post.

The platform can index anything, not just a user’s own content. Users get the benefit of OpenAI’s unbeatable technology and powerful language models, as their CustomGPT solution sits on top of the OpenAI language models used in ChatGPT.

CustomGPT offers continuous improvement, so as technology improves, a user’s CustomGPT improves automatically without needing to keep pace with OpenAI APIs.

The platform also provides ethical protections, with all ethical protections in-built into OpenAI APIs.

Users can share their intelligent bot with the world with CustomGPT’s shareable bot feature. Private mode allows users to use the bot themselves via the dashboard, while public mode allows users to share their custom bot with employees, clients, or friends and show off on social media.

Protected mode enables users to share with team members and employees, audit trails, and control usage.

Overall, CustomGPT offers a powerful set of features that make building a custom language model quick and easy, while leveraging the power of OpenAI’s language models and ensuring ethical protections for users.

Customgpt AI Pricing

PlanMonthly FeeMax Pages per ProjectMax ProjectsMax Embedding Tokens per MonthMax Completion Tokens per MonthBot Sharing
Standard$995,0001025M500KPrivate, Public
Enterprise$49920,000100125M2500KPrivate, Public, Protected
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