The 14 Best Beaches in Naples, Florida

Glistening white sand. Sparkling turquoise waters. Swaying palms. There’s nowhere quite like Naples, Florida for a beach getaway.

As a local beach fanatic, I’m sharing my list of 14 best beaches in Naples, so you can experience these paradise shores for yourself!

With over 10 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is a beach lover’s dream.

The powdery quartz sand and calm, swimmable waters create a tranquil tropical vibe. Seaside resorts, beachfront dining, fishing piers, and gentle waves add to the appeal.

In this guide, I’ll give you the inside scoop on everything you need to plan the ultimate beach day in Naples – or 14 beach days if you have the time!

From kid-friendly shores to secluded natural settings to resort-style amenities, Naples has it all. I’ll even share some local pro tips for parking, sunsets, and wildlife watching.

So slather on that sunscreen, grab your shades and a cold drink, and let’s hit the beach! First up is one of my long-time favorites…

List Of The 14 Best Beaches in Naples, Florida

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park: Natural Beauty and Family Fun

best beaches in naples florida - Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Alright beach lovers, get ready for one of my absolute faves – Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park.

Located on a barrier island north of Naples, this beach is known for its gorgeous 2-mile stretch of powdery white sand and calm emerald green waters.

One step onto the beach and you’ll see why it’s so special.

The scenery is gorgeous with views of the pass, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and seashells scattered in the sand.

The beach has a natural, untouched vibe but still has amenities like restrooms, showers, picnic areas with grills, and drink/snack machines.

Some of my top picks for activities here are fishing from the beach or boat, kayaking and paddleboarding in the pass, hiking the nature trail, and of course swimming and beachcombing.

The sunsets are stunning too! It’s super family-friendly with playgrounds, recreational areas, and ranger-led programs for kids.

There is a small parking fee and it can fill up on weekends.

My pro tip – arrive early to claim your spot! Once you experience Delnor’s beauty, you’ll agree it deserves a spot among Naples’ best beaches.

Vanderbilt Beach: A Local Favorite

Best Beaches in Naples - Vanderbilt Beach

Alright, time for another one of my personal fave beaches – Vanderbilt Beach! This beach is popular with both tourists and locals alike thanks to its gorgeous scenery, amenities, and proximity to hotels and restaurants.

The beach has something for everyone. Families love building sandcastles, playing in the calm waves, and spotting birds and other wildlife.

There’s a great playground and interactive water feature for kids. Fishermen can often be spotted along the shore. Nature lovers enjoy spotting osprey, eagles, and dolphins.

The facilities here are fantastic with restrooms, showers, picnic tables, snack bars, and paddleboard/kayak rentals nearby.

The fine white sand is raked daily and feels like powder. The gradual slope of the shore and gentle waves create ideal swimming conditions.

The sunsets here are simply stunning, bringing vibrant pinks, oranges and purples across the sky.

Make sure to catch at least one! Parking can fill up, so go early or late on busy days.

With gorgeous scenery, amenities, and family-friendly vibes, it’s easy to see why Vanderbilt is a local favorite. Add this beach to your Naples bucket list!

Clam Pass Beach Park: A Shell-Lover’s Paradise

Best Beaches in Naples fl - Clam Pass Beach Park

Calling all seashell lovers – head straight to Clam Pass Beach Park! Located just north of Naples, this beach is famous for its incredible variety of pristine shells waiting to be discovered.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll spot people wandering the shoreline, eyes trained on the sand searching for hidden treasures.

The calm waters continuously wash up new specimens for eagle-eyed beachcombers to find. Early mornings and post-storm are prime shelling times.

Some of the amazing shells found here include colorful cockles, scallops, murex, olives, and of course clams – hence the beach’s name! Make sure to bring a bag to hold all your seashell souvenirs.

Aside from shelling, Clam Pass offers swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and nature watching.

There are restrooms, showers, snack bars, grills, and beach rentals onsite. And the sunsets are spectacular!

Thanks to plentiful parking, Clam Pass doesn’t get overcrowded. So grab your shelling bag and get ready to explore this beach gem! You’ll leave with treasures galore.

Tigertail Beach: Mile-Long Paradise

Need an escape surrounded by tropical beauty? Look no further than Tigertail Beach on Marco Island. This beach wows with over 2 miles of flawless, white sand dotted with seashells.

Walking Tigertail feels like entering a world of paradise. Its long, wide shoreline means fewer crowds and more space to relax.

Gently lapping waves create the perfect soundtrack. Birds and other wildlife are abundant, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tigertail has basic amenities like restrooms, showers, snack bars, and volleyball courts to meet needs without distracting from nature.

Pro tip: bring your own shade like an umbrella or tent as coverage is minimal.

Activities include splashing in the calm waters, searching for shells, building sandcastles, flying kites, and wildlife watching. Leashed dogs are allowed in certain areas – check rules!

With its unspoiled beauty and laidback vibe, Tigertail offers the quintessential beach escape. Spend the day immersed in sea views, soft sand, and tranquility.

Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park: Back to Nature

For a truly secluded beach experience surrounded by nature, head to Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park. As the name suggests, this beach has a casual, shoeless vibe with access limited to protect wildlife.

Walking on Barefoot Beach feels like an escape to paradise. A 1.5 mile natural trail winds through sea oats and mangroves before opening to unspoiled shoreline.

Without big crowds or distractions, you can really soak up the tranquility.

Keep your eyes peeled for unique wildlife sightings here like the threatened American Oystercatcher bird that nests onshore.

Early mornings are best for spotting birds, dolphins, and other animals.

Barefoot Beach has basic amenities like picnic tables, restrooms, and an observation platform. No major facilities or parking, adding to the natural vibe.

For a peaceful beach getaway focused on nature, Barefoot Beach can’t be beat. The seclusion and wildlife provide a one-of-a-kind Naples beach experience.

Naples Pier: Scenery and Angler’s Paradise

In the mood for beautiful scenery, excellent fishing, and nostalgic vibes? Head to Naples Pier Beach, located right below the historic Naples Pier.

The backdrop of the iconic pier gives this beach old Florida charm.

The crystal clear waters and white sand beach are perfect for relaxing or fishing.

Try your hand at catching snook, redfish, snapper and more from the pier or shoreline. Early mornings and evenings are peak fishing times. Or just soak up the peaceful views.

Facilities here include restrooms, showers, picnic tables with grills, and parking across A1A.

While a popular fishing destination, the beach remains relatively peaceful and uncrowded.

Nearby accommodation and dining options abound along Gulf Shore Blvd.

Make sure to catch a dreamy sunset over the pier to end your day. With fishing, scenery, and old Florida vibes, Naples Pier Beach is a must during your stay.

Keewaydin Island: Pristine Private Paradise

For an exclusive beach retreat surrounded by tropical beauty, venture to Keewaydin Island. Accessible only by boat, this private island offers over 7 miles of untouched white sand beach.

Arriving by ferry feels like entering your own secluded paradise. Keewaydin’s shoreline borders the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Naples Bay on the other.

Crystal clear waters lap at the beach dotted with seashells.

With no paved roads or commercial development, Keewaydin provides a rare chance to experience Old Florida wilderness while enjoying luxury amenities.

Activities include fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply relaxing beachside.

The island has a clubhouse with accommodations, a pool, tennis courts, restaurant, spa and fitness center. Free transportation around the island is provided.

For a private tropical escape with remote beaches and nature, Keewaydin Island can’t be beat. Enjoy luxurious exclusivity and amenities amid untouched beauty.

Bonita Beach Park: Small Town Charm

Feel like you stepped into a charming beach town at Bonita Beach Park. Located north of Naples, this Lee County park offers family-friendly shores with a community vibe.

Bonita Beach has calmer waves thanks to its location on peaceful Estero Bay – perfect for little ones.

The smaller size also means fewer crowds, so it never feels packed. Picnic tables and grills create areas for gatherings.

The gray sands are softer than East Coast beaches and gentle on feet. Shelling, sunbathing and building sandcastles are popular pastimes. The sunsets over the bay are spectacular.

Nearby amenities like snack bars, ice cream shops, boutiques and seafood restaurants add to the small town appeal.

Affordable accommodations options also abound for longer stays.

With gentle waves, community feel, and charming amenities, Bonita Beach Park offers an idyllic beach town getaway without leaving the Naples area. Relax and enjoy the slower pace!

Marco Island Beaches: Shelling and Seclusion

Some of the best shelling and most secluded beaches in Naples can be found on Marco Island along the Collier County coast.

Here you’ll discover miles of pristine shoreline, crystal clear waters, and less crowded sands.

For amazing shelling, visit Tigertail Beach where shells continuously wash up along two miles of flawless sand. Come early and explore to find unique specimens.

For tropical seclusion, head to hideaway beaches like Barefoot Beach Preserve or Cape Romano. Soak up spectacular sunsets in peace away from crowds.

South Marco Beach provides a happy medium with amenities while still offering a laidback vibe. Search for shells or relax under your beach umbrella and gaze at the waves.

With fewer tourists, Marco Island beaches offer the chance to experience Old Florida surrounded by nature. Discover your own slice of beach paradise.

Keewaydin Island Beach: Remote Tropical Escape

Imagine having your own private island beach escape, complete with 5 miles of pristine white sand shoreline and turquoise waters.

At Keewaydin Island Beach, this tropical paradise dream becomes reality!

Accessible only by ferry from Naples, Keewaydin Island remains blissfully undeveloped.

Habitats like mangroves and dunes create areas for beachcombing and wildlife viewing. Shells dot the sand, waiting to be discovered.

The island has a resort with beachfront accommodations, pool, restaurant, gym and more. Enjoy luxurious amenities amid untouched primitive wilderness.

Activities range from total relaxation to fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding and more. Boat excursions provide access to even more secluded beaches nearby.

For an exclusive tropical retreat with remote beaches, nature trails, and amenities, Keewaydin Island Beach can’t be beat. Indulge in luxury while surrounded by pristine paradise.

Bonita Beach Dog Park: Pups Paradise

If you’re bringing your furry friend to the beach, head to Bonita Beach Dog Park! This off-leash dog beach provides a safe, designated area for pups to play.

Bonita Dog Beach has shallow gentle waves perfect for retrievers, labs, and other water-loving breeds to splash and swim.

Beach space gives dogs room to run and chase frisbees to their hearts’ content.

Amenities include waste stations stocked with bags, fresh water rinse showers for dogs, hose attachments, and doggie drinking fountains.

Early mornings and evenings tend to be less crowded.

The beach is maintained by Friends of Bonita Dog Park, a nonprofit group. Make sure your pup is up-to-date on shots and licensing before visiting.

With calm shallow water, tons of beach space, and pet-friendly amenities, Bonita Dog Beach offers paradise for pups! Bring your leash-free furry friend for an amazing beach day.

Lowdermilk Beach: Laidback and Picturesque

For a relaxing beach day surrounded by natural beauty, head to Lowdermilk Beach.

Tucked away north of Naples, this beach offers a laidback vibe and gorgeous scenery.

I’m a big fan of Lowdermilk for its stunning natural setting. Swaying palm trees and sea oats frame the white sand shoreline.

The calm turquoise waters are perfect for floating peacefully. Pelicans, osprey, and dolphins can often be spotted.

The facilities here are limited but meet needs – some picnic tables, portable restrooms, and a small parking area.

The lack of big crowds enhances the peaceful atmosphere.

Lowdermilk is great for an easygoing beach day of swimming, sunbathing, beach yoga, fishing from shore, or simply enjoying the sea breeze and beautiful views.

At sunset, the sky lights up in lovely pinks and oranges.

With its laidback vibe, natural scenery, and fewer crowds, Lowdermilk offers the perfect place to unplug.

After a day here, you’ll feel refreshed in body and mind. It’s a must-visit local gem!

Naples Beaches: Parking Tips from a Local

As any Naples beach lover knows, parking can be a challenge, especially on popular beaches at peak times. Here are my insider tips for scoring the perfect beach parking spot:

  • Arrive early – before 10am you’ll have prime pick of spots at beaches like Lowdermilk, Delnor-Wiggins, and Vanderbilt. Early bird gets the spot!
  • Check city beach parking garages – Naples Municipal and Naples Pier have large garages and lots with more availability.
  • Park further away and walk if needed – lots a block or two away from entrances often have spots. Enjoy the stroll!
  • Come early or late when it’s less crowded – you’ll have your pick of spots before crowds arrive or after they leave.
  • Check beach cams and social media for real-time parking updates and advice. The locals are happy to share knowledge!
  • Consider biking or walking from your hotel – leave the car and spend more time on the sand.

With flexibility, pre-planning, and insider tricks, you can conquer the parking battle and have an amazing day at Naples’ top beaches. Don’t let parking woes ruin your beach vacation!

Naples Beaches: Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a beach getaway in Naples? Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

What are the best beaches in Naples? Some top choices are Delnor-Wiggins Pass, Vanderbilt, Clam Pass, Lowdermilk, and Barefoot for their beauty and amenities. But you really can’t go wrong!

Which Naples beach is best for families? Many families love Vanderbilt Beach for its calm waves, playground, and interactive fountain. Delnor-Wiggins also has great family recreation.

Where can I find seashells in Naples? Some of the best shelling beaches include Clam Pass, Delnor-Wiggins, and Marco Island beaches like Tigertail. Go early for the best finds!

Are food and drinks allowed? Most Naples beaches allow coolers with snacks and drinks. Some have concessions and restaurants as well. Alcohol is prohibited at city beaches.

Can we have bonfires or fireworks? Unfortunately no, bonfires and fireworks are not permitted on Naples beaches due to safety concerns. But evenings are great for walks!

Are there dog friendly beaches? Yes! Check rules for times/areas, but Lowdermilk and Bonita are two good pet-friendly options. Delnor-Wiggins has a dog beach area too.

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