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Rebecca Williamson started Holmsted Fines in 2013. While training at Le Cordon Bleu in London she discovered that one of the more versatile items in a traditional English kitchen is chutney. Specifically, green tomato chutney provided a delicious addition to fish and poultry and served as a wonderful topping on cheeses and baked goods. After bringing her green tomato chutney recipe home to the U.S., Rebecca found that Americans also love the delicious combination of flavors that chutney provides. She has further expanded the wide pairing range of the original product by adding peach, balsamic red onion, and apple jalapeno varieties. So, for those that are always looking to be on the cutting edge of flavor exploration, or simply those who want an easy way to improve an old dish, Holmsted Fines chutneys are for you!


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Rebecca Williamson is on a mission to make chutney as commonplace as ketchup. The relish with a wide range of uses is popular in other countries, but is less known here.

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Most people are wary of trying chutney, says Rebecca Williamson. The name conjures up images of a spicy Indian jam, and how Williamson describes it — a British condiment made of fruit, sugar and vinegar — might sound a little strange to Americans. But most who give in to her pleas to taste her Holmsted Fines chutneys end up buying a jar.

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Graduating from Le Cordon Bleu London can open a multiple number of career doors, Alumna Rebecca Williamson chose to start her company on the gourmet condiment market. Part of the condiment family, chutney, like jams and jellies, can be chunky or smooth, and served with cold meats, cheese and crackers, vegetables and, in many parts of the world, it can be served as part of a complex dish or as an easy and sophisticated appetizer.

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Last week I included Holmsted Fines in my Gift Guide for Buying Local. Owner Rebecca Williamson and I traded a few emails after the post and decided to get together and share a few recipes using her delicious chutneys. Rebecca trained as a chef in London and discovered how diverse chutney can be in the kitchen. Personally I am a huge fan of serving it on a cracker with cream cheese, but below are three super easy, healthy and tasty dips that can be served with chips, veggies or meat.


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No cheese platter is complete without Holmsted Fines Chutney. This award-winning brand is a versatile item often used in a traditional English kitchen. Holmsted Fines chutney is an incredibly flexible and savory condiment that contains fruit, vinegar, sugar, and spices and distinguishes dishes in just seconds.

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Chunky, juicy and bold – this sweet chutney looks like caramelized onions in a jar. The vinegar scent tickles the nose while stimulating the appetite. The acidity complements the sugar, making the delectable onions irresistible. Try it on a butter cracker with brie or put it on a burger to give it life. You’ll thank us and creator Rebecca Williamson.

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