Giving Back

One of the goals of Holmsted Fines is to give back to others in need.  A percentage of your purchase today is being given to help fight human trafficking international and ending child hunger in the US.  In addition we volunteer within the organizations so that we can add a hands on role with the charities that we support.

International Justice Mission:  The mission of IJM is to fight individual human 

rightsabuse by proving justice to those that often have very little protection.  

The organization focusesheavily on combating child and sex trafficking. www.ijm.org

No Kid Hungry: The Mission of No kid Hungry is to eleminate childhood Hungrer in throughout the U.S. https://www.nokidhungry.org

Holmsted Fines would like to challenge you and other businesses to make the same commitment to giving back.  Little by little, through each purchase or choice we make, every one of us can make a lasting impact on our planet and help to create a mindset of compassion for others.